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As with any stud breeding business there comes a time when the herd stock has to be reassessed, be it that a certain lineage can not be continued for reasons of ‘over usage’ of pairing; or be it that some males will not be suitable to enhance our breeding stock. It is therefore unavoidable that a decision has to be made to sell off animals that won’t be able to integrate into the main herd. These would be much more suitable as a non breeding or a fibre animal.

This brings us to the situation where we sell alpacas to other breeders, up-and-coming alpaca farmers or to farm owners who would like to have alpacas for an additional attraction or to guard their sheep.

Breeding females are priced on certain criteria, i.e. age, quality of breeding and fibre. Detailed information will be supplied to the potential buyer with regard to ancestry, progeny, inoculations, etc.

Herd guards will not be sold younger than 1 year old. Care will be taken that the herd guards will go to a farm where there are alpacas herding sheep already; otherwise animals will only be sold in batches of 2 or more. This ensures that the alpaca, being a herd animal itself, will be in the company of it’s own kind for a healthy and happy environment and life style.

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