A collaboration: Mukuti alpacas and . . .

Some months ago, during the first throws of the Covid 19 pandemic, we found ourselves in a difficult situation – due to the ongoing drought in the region where our alpaca herd had been stationed for a few years and sales being down, we had to source new avenues.

Blankets from Africa

The interesting garments Blankets from Africa showed off via various media spoke to us. We approached Ros Bechét manageress of Blankets from Africa – would they be interested in our fabulous, soft alpaca yarns for any of their projects? Making sure she received all the ins and outs about our small supply line and learning more about the alpaca herds, she tentatively agreed to do a trial run on some products.

We are overjoyed to be part of a lovely, noteworthy project where our home grown alpaca yarns play an integral part

All garments and blankets are hand knitted by wonderful, talented ladies; mostly from the rural areas of South Africa. Thank you ladies for doing justice to our herd through your dedicated creations.

Limited Edition Luxury Range – Cot Blankets

This Limited Edition Luxury range is a collaboration in support of the Alpaca farming in South Africa.

Covid-19 has had devastating effects on this industry and together with a leading member of the community, our ladies from Blankets from Africa have knitted beautiful luxurious cot blankets. Alpaca yarn is soft, luxurious and silky, the wool having no lanolin gives it the added advantage of being hypo-allergenic. 

All photos © BfA