Alpaca Fleece & Yarn

A WIDE range of yarns from the winter season 2022 / 2023 is available
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Quality is a matter of choice – the natural choice

Pure Alpaca Yarn - Spring Tide - Hand Dyed Pure Alpaca Handspun Yarn Natural Pure Alpaca Yarns

The softest, high quality PURE ALPACA YARNS for your crafting enjoyment

“The job – the fleece – the reward”

Alpacas are shorn at the beginning of summer, around October, each year. Samples of fleece are taken from each animal before shearing and sent for quality testing to one of the 2 Wool Testing Laboratories in South Africa

Alpaca Fleece Sorting
Hand-sorting raw Alpaca fleece

During shearing the fleece is sorted into various batches according to micron, the feel and softness of the wool as well as colour. The labour-intensive process of cleaning, combing and spinning takes place at a mill (formerly close to Mooi River) Hand-work as well as machines are involved.

The finer fleece – baby fleece – is mostly cleaned by hand and hand-spun into what we call ‘lace yarn’.

Pure Alpaca yarns – YOUR NATURAL CHOICE