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A new home for our alpacas

February 2011: Life brings changes – not only for us, but also for our alpacas. Our core herd, including 4 pregnant females, have made the long trip from Noordhoek, in the Western Cape, to Graaff Reinet in the Eastern Cape.

It was a long road – an approximate 10-hour drive by car with the 4-meter trailer and our precious cargo. Summer in the Karoo is not for the feint-hearted – the heat of up to 40C degrees around Beauford West had all of us panting. Our main concern was the de-hydration of and the extreme stress to the animals. About 100 kilometres before Graaff Reinet the rain clouds made driving bearable and just before we reached our destination it began to drizzle. A fit welcome for weary souls.

Crickleywood Farm
Crickleywood Farm

The new home of our alpacas is Crickleywood Farm, 50 kilometres North of Graaff Reinet. The Mukuti herd has settled in. We are awaiting the birth of the next generation of alpacas – we will update you on all the developments.

Alpaca males in the veld
Alpaca males in the veld

In April 2011 we moved our alpaca boys, who lived out in the “Klein Karoo” of the Western Cape and on Doornkraal Farm around Ceres, to join our herd on Crickleywood Farm in the Eastern Cape. We arrived after dark the previous evening – the males were more than happy to be greeted by a group of beautiful, healthy ladies and their off spring early the next morning.

The boys watch the girlsAlpacas in the field