Mukuti Santana


Santana, May 2010


Born April 2008
Solid white

Santana is a young male having been bred out of Cabopacas Baron, a good quality breeding sire from Willowbrook Stud.

Santana combines the good conformation of his father’s ancestry with the exceptional fleece quality of his mother’s lineage.

His fleece is of good density with crimp, lustre and length > the second shearing (2009) has shown a fleece length of 120mm, an outstanding micron of 18.8 as well as a comfort factor of 98.5%.

He has been living in the Witzenberg mountains (Ceres district) during the past 18 months.

Santana will be one of our new, young sires for the coming mating season; preferential choice will be given to high quality females with fleece density and proven solid-colour cria.

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